Nathan griggs tube and leather stock whips

Most whip cracks with two whips world record 2016

Longest Whip in the world over one hundred metres, cracked in 2016



ABC Rural

From beach to bush, your trusty original inner tube whip will perform anywhere.


whip cracking in the bush


whip cracking on the beach

A little salt or sand will not effect the performance of the original tube whip.


Tubewhips no longer, now Vinyl & Leather Stockwhips

WELCOME to Tube Whips where we used to recycle inner tubes to preserve our environment. That's right.... at Tube Whips we used to make stock whips from damaged inner-tubes of car and truck tires, recycling the tubes into something useful instead of them going to landfill.

Now Nathan has designed and supplies a new vinyl stockwhip that is far better than the tubewhip. It does not wear out like the tubewhip so you can still do your part for the environment and use a the new whip that can also be used in the rain without causing damage to the whip, unlike a leather whip which does not take kindly to wet weather. These vinyl whips are long lasting and are elegantly finished with choices of different length thongs made with Australian hardwood handles or special order cane handles.

Our inner tube whips were just one way of implementing the 3 R's... Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and by using an inner tube whip, you too could help reduce the amount of waste that was sent to landfill.

inner tube from truck going to landfill

Instead of all this going to landfill

leftover inner tube after whip has been made

only some went to landfill

The original design and idea of Nathan's famous tube whips are not only Australian made but proudly represented as being made from recycled materials. Old inner tubes from cars, trucks and even tractors were used. Bailing twine, which has been used once by farmers, can also be recycled and used as crackers. The belly of the tube whip also consists of some recycled materials and local hardwood timber was collected from his private property to make some of the handles... LEARN MORE

cutting tubes

Tubes are cut to size using scissors and the

cutting tubes

strand cutter is used to cut the strands for the plaited handle.

cutting tubes

Strands are sized with a sharp knife ready to plait the whip.

At Tube Whips we also make high quality well priced leather stock whips to order, these whips are made from (A grade) kangaroo skins, these come in a variety of colours and styles. We also make high quality latigo cow hide whips as a budget leather whip.

Please view our products page. Don't forget that the new vinyl Stockwhip is a great work horse for stock work and just right for those who can't be bothered dressing a leather whip, they last a long time and are hard wearing. Like any whip you don't use them on hard surfaces like brick, gravel, bitumen, and concrete roadways. It is better to use any whip on grassed areas and for indoors use carpeted areas if possible. When performing I like to use a small 3m x 3m outdoor carpet to keep my whips in top condition.

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Parts of a stockwhip