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Movies of Nathan Demonstrating whipcracking

These are some video clips of Nathan Griggs, cracking Australian stock whips. You can go to YouTube and give him a comment if you like the videos, or if there is a particular whip cracking trick you would like to learn, let him know and he might be able to upload a video of the trick on YouTube for every one to see. Hope you enjoy viewing the video clips. Click on the links below, a new window will open, when you have viewed the video clip just close the window to return here.

Some general whip cracking Some stock whip tricks

Tamworth 2015 cracking to music and fast cracking

Whip cracking the Train routine at Tamworth 2015

Snap's Kakadu Club with Nathan Griggs at Tamworth 2015

Whip cracking at Torrington NSW Australia

Whip cracking 2010 Glen Innes NSW Australia

Whip cracking competition 2011 Glen Innes NSW

Bullock whip cracking Clifton QLD Australia

Whip cracking competition 2013 Sydney Australia

Cracking the longest whip in the world
8 plait leather belly total length 100.473 metres

Whip Cracking Guinness World Record 2016

Fire Whips to Great Balls of Fire

Whip Cracking Trick Tuesday Freestyle Rhythmn

Whip Cracking Guinness World Record 2015

Whip Cracking Trick Tuesday Steam Train

Whip Cracking to Music (Whip Music)

Trick Tuesday Accuracy With Cans