Nathan griggs tube and leather stock whips

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The cracker
The Fall
The handle
The Hitch
The Keeper
The Thong
Tube whip maintenance
leather whip maintenance
Whip safety

The handle

About the handle:

The handle of a whip is also called a stock. So an Australian stock whip could be called an Australian handle whip, this does not sound very catchy so that is why it was called an Australian stock whip or just a stock whip. You may think the Australian stock whip inherited its name because it was designed to manage stock (cattle) but the word stock is just referring to the handle.

The average handle length of a stock whip is between 400mm and 550mm and sometimes longer if desired. The handle is usually made from cane, hardwood or fibreglass and is usually shaped in a taper from the hand grip to the keeper.

A full plait cane handle is the best type of handle if it is shaped properly. Because cane is very flexible it makes a good handle. When the cane is tapered, a spring steel rod is sometimes put in the centre of the handle, this makes the handle stronger, cane on its own makes the best handle in my opinion.


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Parts of a stockwhip