Nathan griggs tube and leather stock whips

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The cracker
The Fall
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The Hitch
The Keeper
The Thong
Tube whip maintenance
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The thong

About the thong

The thong is the plaited part of the whip, its length is measured from the keeper to the fall hitch. It can be any length but is usually between 4 and 8 foot and the thong is commonly 4, 6, 8 or 12 round plaits. Sometimes a whip will start with 12 strands then go to 10 strands then to 8 strands, or start with 8 strands and finish with 6 strands. A round plait can be plaited with any number of strands even an uneven number of strands.

If a leather thong is made properly it will be stiff, tight and the whip will roll out and crack easily. If the thong is loose and floppy after it is made by the whip maker, he/she would either not be pulling tight enough on the strands or the belly would be too small for the width of the strands. If the thong is loose it may wobble in your hand and be harder to control and crack. There is a lot more to the thong than meets the eye, have a look at the graphic below to see how a kangaroo leather thong is usually made.

This end is tapered to the fall.

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Parts of a stockwhip